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The Newest problem with Drains.

The newest problem that faces Plumbers today is the push for water conservation. While on the face this seems like a good idea in reality it causes a new problem for plumbers. Grease buildup.

Grease is what we commonly call it but its a combination of Body oils, soap deposits, grease from cooking dishes and the dishes themselves. Throw in Decaying food from the garbage disposal and everything else that goes down toilets and drains. Flow rates and gpm ( gallons per minute) of faucets and toilets have led to this new rise in grease stoppages. The best way to clear these types of stoppages are with a Hydro Jetter. The flush size of tanks has lowered Drastically. in the 1920s we had tank sizes of 7.5 gallons. Up into the 1980s we had 3.5 gallon or larger flushing toilets. Then the 1990s through the early 2000s 1.6 gallon toilets and now 1.28 gallon toilets. To compensate Toilet manufacturers Have started putting 3 inch flush valves inside toilets and while they flush great you are still only putting 1.28 gallons at best down a line. That 1.28 gallon toilet has to push waste and debris through at least a 100' of pipe and multiple turns and offsets. The stuff that is left behind helps the formation of grease and sludge. I have personally seen lines in under a year form with grease like a clogged artery. Only allowing what amount of water the line is used to to pass through the pipe as water will keep the trough open.

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